NSS forms a primary source for conducting activities for social welfare and community orientation. This programme has been conducted in the college since its inception and the students are motivated to actively participate in this extension activity, thus fulfilling their responsibility towards society. A separate room has been provided for NSS unit, and the Programme Officer, appointed from the staff members, organizes various events as a part of this programme. The project mainly includes training programmes covering areas like visits to nearby villages, and institutions, social work, environmental awareness, cleaning programmes, AIDS awareness, medical camps, participation in drives and rallies, as well as the conducting different competitions like painting, poster-making, etc, related to social concerns and issues. Seminars, lectures and workshops are organized by invited experts, medical practitioners and other dignitaries.

Activity : 2017-2018

NSS Volunteers Celebrated YOGA Day in college campus on 21st, June 2017.Seventeen Volunteers participated in Voters awareness Programme and Meeting with Collector on 1/7/2017 at Gandhinagar. There was Voters Awareness Programme on 18/7/2017.Programmme officer Rajesh Ganvit has participated in workshop on GST on 10-7-2017.NSS Department has organised a competition on ‘Class Cleanliness and Class Decoration competition’ on 31-7-2017. All the subjects’ teams have successfully participated in competition. By the end of the competition rank was given, among which first stood ECONOMICS subject team, second ENGLISH subject team and third stood Gujarati subject team. It is notable that commerce subject registered for competition with 4 (four) class rooms. This competition was organised under the banner of ‘SAPTDHARA’.NSS Volunteers actively took part in the celebration of 15th August.2018.The department of NSS conducted a Thallesemia test programme for the student of FYBA and FYBCOM students. 650 students benefitted and screening under the program on 26/9/2017.NSS volunteers visited village Badpura, a adopted village for 2017-18, students visited various street and taken cleanliness drive and made survey for social community.NSS Volunteers had taken parts in voters awareness programme with the help of voting machine (EVM) to raise awareness among voters in rural areas.NSS volunteers have enrolled new registrations of young students for casting their votes NSS volunteers served their service to needy persons and differently able persons at booth level as directed by election office at different booths.NSS volunteers collected a fund for blind and disabled persons on14/09/2017 and celebrated Blind Day and Contributed Rs. 3200/- has been deposited at Gandhinagar Blind School. NSS volunteers have taken parts in Campus cleanliness drive program on date 9/1/2018. This program was very extensive, joined with Municipality, Mansa and other students of various departments like NSS cadets and Sports persons. It is notable that some faculty members and Principal of college also joined in this task. NSS Annual camp was organised during 19/2/2018 to 25/2/2018 at Paldi Rathod village of Mansa Taluka. The camp has taken different activities such as Prabhat feri, cleanliness drive, cleanliness campaign, cultural programs and Personality developments as well as intellectual sessions were held in all days of the camp. The principal, Campus Director and all staff members were remained present and actively involved in different activities taken during the camp days. University level inter-collegiate camp was organized by Gujarat University from 25/3/2018 to 31/3/2018, Ahmedabad at Limbadiya Village. 11 (Eleven) volunteers had actively participated in this camp.

Achievement: NSS Volunteer named Solanki Anuj K. has been awarded as the ‘BEST VOLUNTEER’ of 2017-18 of our college volunteers and selected in the Gujarat University NSS Volunteers.

Activity : 2018-2019

Students of college and NSS volunteers observed YOGA DAY on 21st June, 2018, in college campus. On 6th July, 2018 NSS, NCC and Cultural committee had shown a short movie on ‘Cancer’ awareness program with collaboration AYUSH social institution. On 12/13-7-2018, Programme officer oriented students with respect to SAPTDHARA activities as one of the part of NSS activities. On 21-7-2018 Class Decoration Competition was held in which total eleven classes participated. Sanskrit class stood first. Dr. Rajesh Chauhan and Dr. Mukesh Patel rendered their service as judges. Orientation program for newly enrolled students in BA/Bcom of SEM-I organized on 03/08/2018. Our vice-principal Dr. A.K. Patel remained present as chief Guest and Prof. D.S. Chaudhari and Prof. A.B. Soni delivered the lectures on ‘NSS: the role of Volunteers and its duty.Programme officer Prof. Rajesh Ganvit has informed students the value of NSS and its importance with PPT Presentation. Prof. N.K. Patel, Prof. Jignesh Purabiya and Prof. Sanjay Prajapti remained present to inspire the new students/ volunteers. On 03/08/2018 NSS Committee celebrated a ‘SWACHHTA PAKHWADIYA’. Dr. A. K. Patel, vice-principal of our college delivered a lecture on Cleanliness. At the end present staff members and students were taken oath of CLEANLINESS. Tree plantation program was organized on 4/8/2018 .Rally on CLEANLINESS DRIVE organized on 14/8/2018 for awareness of Cleanliness. The NSS department observed a ‘World Blind Day’ and Charity fund was collected on 14/9/2018 and Rs. 1775/- donated to Blind school, Gandhinagar. On 15/9/2018 NSS department had taken cleanliness drive in campus with support of NCC cadets and BCOM students. Voters’ new registration forms enrolled with the help of campus ambassadors of NSS department. There were some 56 forms filled for new registration of college students. On 25th January, 2019 Voters awareness programme for the students was organized by the Mamlatdar office, and given Voters I-card to new enrolled student by Mamaltdar and organized a Rally to motivate and awareness of casting voting among voters. Volunteers of NSS had taken part in celebration of 70th Republic day by college on 26th January 2019.NSS unit of college organized Annual NSS camp at Jamla Village of Kalol taluka during March 1, 2019 to March 7, 2019.NSS volunteers taken parts in Workshop organized by NSS cell Gujarat University on 9/3/2019.





Mansa is located in the rural area of North Gujarat and is mainly peopled by farmers.

A few leading citizens of Mansa dreamt of establishing an educational institution in Mansa for Higher Education and held a meeting on August 10, 1959 wherein the decision was taken unanimously. READ MORE

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